DLO Plumbing is committed to providing our clients with high quality plumbing and hydraulic services with excellent workmanship while ensuring all staff are working within a safe environment 

Large-Scale BuildIng Projects

DLO Plumbing and civil contractors provide services to substantial sites such as major shopping centres, retirement villages, office buildings and luxury apartments. Our considerable experience in both single and multi-storey buildings make us a natural choice for your next project. We provide a maintenance service for all our work and will liaise with you to ascertain your specific needs.

Refurbishments And Fit-Outs

An advantage to providing large-scale services is the expertise we can then pass on to upgrades of sites with existing plumbing. The only corners you'll find us cutting will be with our tools, not out methods. Likewise, with tenancies and new fit-outs for office or retail, we bring our years of expertise to the job and our reliability to meet what are often quick turnarounds. We will also install and upgrade fire safety equipment such as hydrants and hose reels.

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Sewer And Waste Water

We handle both major and minor sewer and water works, with piping from 100mm right through to 450mm, As well as new mains upgrades and diversions, sewer encasements, drainage, access chambers, trade waste and sanitary plumbing, along with major remediation works.


Civil works and large-scale developments require provision and construction for drainage. We provide all levels of infrastructure including box culverts, easements and diversions. We bring you the latest in complex hydraulic techniques such as syphonic roof water systems to remove rainwater in a more efficient and aesthetic way. Stormwater is one of the key areas of our business and we are proud of our service.

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